Event Info


  • Registration should be done in advance at the designated registration points, online or over the phone.
  • ECM shall appoint COVID-19 contact persons and response teams;
  • Hand washing facilities, alcohol based sanitizers and gun thermometers will be provided on race day.
  • ECM will ensure safe environments, carry out regular cleaning and disinfection of venues, associated fixtures and equipment
  • Officials, the media personnel and race officials will take COVID-19 tests
  • No press conference will be allowed except flash interviews for athletes. Such interviews will be conducted respecting the social distancing of 1.5 meters and more.
  • Handshakes, hugs to celebrate achievements during and after events are prohibited.
  • Exchange and sharing of uniforms is prohibited.
  • Athletes will be gathered in one place prior to and until the end of the championship.
  • The organizers will keep records and contact information of all the athletes, athlete support personnel and any other person for ease of contact tracing.
  • Any suspected cases of COVID-19 to be processed in line with the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health.
  • There will be signage at every entrance and strategic locations to remind all persons of the COVID-19 measures.
  • Body temperature checks shall be conducted to all persons at the time of entry to the venue. Anyone with a body temperature reading above 37.5˚C will not be allowed to access the site.
  • Isolation and medical rooms to be availed.
  • Sufficient water supply, soaps, trash cans, alcohol-based sanitizers will be availed.
  • Seating places will show social distancing.
  • Entry and Exit points will be clearly marked.
  • Signage about COVID-19 will be clearly displayed at the venue and water designation collection points, junctions.
  • Designated places for PWDs and other vulnerable groups will be clearly set.
  • All athletes and athlete personnel with pre-existing conditions will not be allowed to participate
  • All costs for testing and athlete handlers who require testing will be made by their respective event organizers


  • All participants are advised to wear protective masks up until the moment they start the race.
  • A significant number of waste bins will be available where the runners may throw their masks
  • Runners may leave their clothing at the designated area
  • Changing rooms’ accessibility is restricted in order to promote social distancing.
  • During the Race, runners are advised to keep as much distance as possible, and follow the advices hereunder:
    • Running side by side is considered safe only when there is a safety distance of 1.5m between runners.
    • Running in a X format (one in front and the other one at the back and at the left or right) is considered safe only when there is a conceivable distance of 1.5m between runners at each side.
    • Running in groups without keeping the above distances shall be avoided at start.
  • Wave start, as it is described above, prevents crowding during the race.
  • All runners shall run wearing a shirt, which in no case may they remove before, during or after finish and up the moment they have collected back their clothing kit bag.


  • Runners who finish their race and have rested for at least 3 minutes to bring their heart rates back to normal will be given face masks.
  • The awards ceremony will be conducted with full respect to the social distancing rules, avoiding any unnecessary contact and with the presence of the absolutely minimum number of persons.
  • Runners will receive back their clothing kit bag from the designated area, having disinfected their hands with antiseptic hand gel or liquid that is available there.

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