The second edition of the Eldoret City Marathon succeeded in putting the event on the international major marathons map owing to a great organization, attractive awards for winners, participation by elite and international athletes, and great publicity on social and mainstream media. This, however, was just a start, here are five reasons why the 2020 edition of the Marathon will be even better.

Increased Publicity

The second edition afforded the Eldoret City Marathon both national and international limelight. The event was covered live on TV by the Standard Media Group and it was among the top three trending items on social media. This high level of publicity introduced a new audience to the marathon and increased the level of awareness about it. This means that we can expect new participants to register for, and new audiences to follow, the marathon next year.

With even better preparations and strategies planned for the 2020 edition, there are high expectations that the third edition will reach even greater audiences in the world.

More Experience

As the old adage goes, “Experience is the best teacher.” The two editions of the Eldoret City Marathon that we have organized so far have provided important lessons that will only benefit the organization of future editions. Post-mortem analysis of the past editions have resulted in a variety of changes that should make next year’s edition even better.

A Growing List of Interested Corporate Partners

All participants in the Eldoret City Marathon run for a noble cause: Climate Action. This has piqued the interest of a growing list of corporations that all want to be associated with a local world-class marathon that supports a worthy cause.  

Increased Competition

The past two editions have proved the trustworthiness and reliability of the Eldoret City Marathon. All the winners have been paid their winnings in full and strict measures have been taken to discourage and root out dopers. These measures have gradually built the reputation of the Eldoret City Marathon within the athletics community and more elite and promising athletes are expected to participate in the third edition on 19th April 2020.

The date for the third edition is well clear of the Easter Weekend

By sheer coincidence rather than design, the date for the second edition fell on the Easter weekend. It is an oversight that proved to be a major inconvenience for many churchgoers who had to contend with closed town roads. Thankfully, the dates for next year’s Easter weekend were among the first things to be considered by the marathon organizers when selecting the date for the third edition of the marathon. As a result, the date chosen for the third edition (19th April, 2020) is well clear of the Easter Weekend, which should, hopefully, result in more support for the event and increased participation in the various races.