Our director Moses Tanui yesterday provided an update on the upcoming awards ceremony scheduled for 19th July. Tanui explained that the delay in holding the awards ceremony was occasioned by one athlete who tested positive for doping thereby necessitating additional procedures by the Anti-Doping Agency of KENYA (ADAK). Tanui made it very clear that the #EldoretCityMarathon‘s policy is to run a clean marathon and award only those who win cleanly. He asked for doping by athletes to be criminalized for its role in ruining the spirit of fair competition and also as a way of deterring those who might be tempted to dope in future. Further details about the doping results will be provided during the awards ceremony. Other updates provided by the director included disclosing plans to make arboretum (venue of the awards ceremony) the headquarters of the Eldoret City Marathon and announcing that the Cabinet Secretary for environment, Keriako Tobiko, will be the chief guest during the awards ceremony.